Summer pool temp: 81 degrees.

Gift Certificates are available and you can pre-buy swim sessions online! Call 207-230-8455 and book your appointment.

About Water Bark Wellness

Water Bark Wellness is Maine's premier indoor canine aquatic facility. We provide a year-round, safe, comfortable, and private area for your dog to exercise and have some fun. Our 87-degree indoor pool with gently sloping ramp for dogs provides a full-body workout for dogs of all ages.

(Water Bark Wellness does not provide canine physical therapy. If your dog has recently had surgery, please see the "Questions" part of the website for a list of Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners).

"I was just sending an email to a friend of mine saying how great everything was yesterday and that Penny didn't even embarrass me! Funny, I was going to report to you that when we got home, she bragged to her siblings (she was quite pleased with herself), had a giant drink and then conked out for a long, long winter's nap! Didn't notice extra soreness and she was in good spirits. Thanks for being patient and spending time with us yesterday. You have a wonderful facility and we are looking forward to seeing you weekly. The cutest thing yesterday was when she was dozing off while you were rubbing her butt! Now that's a happy dog. "