FALL POOL TEMP: 86 degrees. *WBW will not swim dogs who are actively coughing or who are being treated for kennel cough*

Gift Certificates are available and you can pre-buy swim sessions online! Call 207-230-8455 and book your appointment.

About Water Bark Wellness

Water Bark Wellness opened in January 2016 and is Maine's premier indoor canine aquatic facility. We provide a year-round, safe, comfortable, and private area for your dog to exercise and have some fun.

We offer:
Swimming lessons for puppies and dogs of all ages

Fitness swims for active dogs to burn off energy, calories and to stay fit and strong

Mobility swims for older dogs who can benefit from a full-body workout in a non-weight bearing environment.

(Water Bark Wellness does not provide canine physical therapy. If your dog has recently had surgery, please see the "Questions" part of the website for a list of Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners).

"McKenzie (Kenzie) spent the first 6 years of her life with her own pool half the year. She loves the water and misses it particularly in the colder months. We recently found out she has hip dysplasia though it has been symptomless due to her good weight and no doubt in part to her active swimming history. We want to make sure she continues to have swimming as part of her year-round regular activity and Water Bark Wellness has made that possible. Kenzie loves WBW and her swim coach, Kate!"