Swim Sessions

All swim sessions are by appointment only. Before your first swim, you will need to download and complete one (1) form that you will find on the website: a Client Questionnaire about you and your dog (you will bring this form all filled out to the first appointment). Once I know who you use as your veterinarian, I will fax the Veterinarian Assessment form to that office office to be filled out by your veterinarian (clearing your dog to start a swim program). WBW requires that your dog is current on his/her rabies vaccination.

Water Bark Wellness provides life jackets and other flotation aids if your dog needs to use them. Your dog will be supervised and/or assisted throughout his/her swim and there will be appropriate rest times during each swim. Water toys are allowed for fetching and encouraging, however we do not allow dogs to jump in the pool. To prevent injury, the swim coach controls your dog’s entering and exiting the pool.

Water Bark Wellness is not a canine rehabilitation center.  If your dog has recently had surgery, WBW suggests you call a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (listed in the "Questions" part of this website) and schedule an appointment with them.  

Unfortunately due to liability issues, owners cannot get in the pool with their dogs. Kate will be in the water with your dog to ensure he/she has a safe swim with appropriate rest breaks. You are welcome to sit along the side and encourage your dog while he/she swims.

After each swim session, you have the option to rinse your dog with warm water in the rinse station. There will be towels and chamois provided as well as a doggy blow dryer to ensure your dog is as dry as possible, especially during the cold winter months.

Wear comfortable clothes and pants that you can roll up in case you want to put your feet in the water.  Be prepared to possibly get wet from the splashing, rinsing post-swim and drying.

Also, do NOT feed your dog 2-4 hours before his/her swim session.   Make sure your dog goes to the bathroom (poop) before coming to swim.  

Our Pool

The pool is 8' × 16' and is 3' deep. The water temperature will be kept at 87 degrees in the winter (and around 83 degrees in the summer). It is equipped with a salt-water chlorinator, and UV sanitation system to clean and soften the pool water. Salt water is safe for dogs. It is gentle on their skin and eyes and much less harmful than common bleach chlorination. In addition, the UV sanitation destroys over 99.5% of pool pathogens with a powerful, precision engineered ultraviolet ray. UV is a continuous, reliable, proactive method of disinfecting pool water.

Our pool is maintained weekly by Farley & Son Landscaping.