Swim sessions consist of activities such as swimming, stretching, floating and gentle touch in the warm waters of the pool and that each session is dependent on things such as the condition and age of the dog, the goals of the owner, the nature of the dog’s injury (if any) and how the dog emotionally reacts to the water.

Water Bark Wellness is not a licensed veterinarian facility. In compliance with Maine State Law, Water Bark Wellness does not diagnose or cure specific ailments, perform surgery or prescribe medications. Swimming is not a replacement for proper veterinary care and that any injuries or diseases must be medically diagnosed and treated by the dog’s veterinarian. A complete history is necessary for accurate treatment of any kind and that participation by the owner/handler is essential to achieving beneficial results.

Water Bark Wellness is not responsible for any damages to others or to any property caused by the owner’s/handler’s dog. Water Bark Wellness is not responsible for any injuries or illnesses incurred by the owner/handler or his/her dog as a result of the use of the pool. Payment is due in full at the time treatment and appointments need to be canceled at least 24 hours in advance so we may try to fill your existing appointment slot.