First-Time Orientation + Swim Session



The first appointment is a really important one. WBW wants your dog to feel at home when in the building. This is the time to sniff and check out the place. The ultimate goal of this first appointment is a “meet and greet” and to go over your paperwork and to get to know both you and your dog. Your dog will be encouraged to check out the pool and get in with Kate. It’s really important for your dog to feel safe here. The pool time might not be as long as you hope for… it’s all about your dog’s needs and comfort level.

Your dog will be asked to stay in the pool with Kate during the session (and all future sessions) instead of going in and out, which will seem quite foreign to your dog at first. He/She may or may not swim this first time while in the pool. There will landing areas where your dog can comfortably stand and rest without needing to swim. Kate needs to build a relationship with your dog so your dog feels he/she can trust Kate.

This first appointment is 45 minutes.