“Both of our boys learned to swim at Water Bark Wellness.  Kate’s individual approach and attention to each dog’s needs and challenges ensures that each dog feels safe as they learn. We would highly recommend Water Bark Wellness to any dog owner”.

Shelly & Libby (Maddux & Eliot too)

“Our 13 year old Labrador has been swimming with Kate for over a year now. It is a great alternative to her daily walk, and great fun for her. Best of all, the benefit to her ailing joints is visibly noticeable. Every dog should be so lucky!”

Joe and Ginny

“As you may remember, I was afraid of the water and did not know how to swim.  Thanks to your patient instruction (and yummy treats) over those few sessions,  I can now swim with confidence and eagerness in Lake Megunticook.  I never thought it would be possible!  Looking forward to more sessions this winter!  (Please don’t forget the treats).Thanks and woof.”

Sadie M.

“Cassius, our 80-pound boxer/shepherd mix, tore both of his cranial cruciate ligaments when he was 4 years old. WaterBark was there to keep him in shape before his surgeries and increase his strength and mobility post surgery. Kate was patient with his nervousness about the ramp and always vigilant that he didn’t overtax his damaged knees. By the end of his sessions, Cassius could brave the ramp on his own (coaxed by his favorite toy)! I can’t speak highly enough about Water Bark Wellness”.

“We’ve been with Kate for a couple years now. She is fantastic! We had an older golden retriever girl that overcame her fear of swimming thanks to Kate and kept her joints moving smoothly at the same time. We now have 2 golden puppies that go that do great with her as well! We would highly recommend!”

“Gruff is my 18 month old 75 pound rescue who is very shy of strangers and didn’t know how to swim. Not only did he warm to Kate right away (she radiates kindness and calm and uses a vast array of treats and toys) but he demonstrated that he can swim like a boss. A double win.”

“Kate and WBW was a gift to our dear Mac in his last months. She was so good with him and he loved her.  It did Mac a world of good, and us a world of good watching him. He had could paddle; then sit and bask in the warm water, then paddle leisurely again, at his Old Dog pace. We only wish we had started going sooner.”

“WBW offers a great avenue for my 7 year old lab/mix Koda’s to release his energy and maintain his exercise routine in the cold weather months while connecting with his absolute favorite activity. Kate is a skilled and patient instructor who can meet the needs and skills of each canine she encounters. She even helped my other dog, Nala, an 8 year old lab mix who is an extremely tentative swimmer,  build some confidence in her aquatic abilities through slow introductions to the water and short, positive reinforcement exercises.”

“Quincy, a 9-year-old Newfoundland, enjoyed PT swims after TPLO surgery (rebuilding of his right knee).  It was obvious that the combination of the warm water and the exercise was both physically and mentally beneficial to him.  During this regimen, we got a Newf puppy.  We had the opportunity to teach Bernie to swim during the winter months so he was ready for the lake by summer.  I expect we’ll have the boys back to visit Kate this winter just to keep them conditioned–they LOVE it! Thank you Kate!”

Todd, Sue, Quincy & Bernie

“Being 1/2 Scottish Terrier and 1/2 Beagle, Amos is decidedly a landlubber.  Just look at those legs! However, Amos almost drowned when jumping out of a canoe in the middle of a big lake in the Canadian wilderness.  His mom decided it was time for swim lessons!  Water Bark was just what we were looking for.  Coach Kate was incredible and within no time had Amos happily jumping off the platform and retrieving water toys.  This is a dog that didn’t like getting his feet wet in puddles!  Our outings on hot days are so much more enjoyable as Amos readily gets in streams and lakes to cool off.  He even went for an ocean swim without any encouragement at all this Summer.  Thank you Kate and Water Bark – you have added a new level of enjoyment and safety to our adventures in the outdoors!”

“Our 12 year old Lab loved to be active, but the cold and snowy winter last year made it difficult to walk her regularly.  I had read about Water Bark Wellness and called Kate to discuss how this might benefit her.  While speaking with her, I immediately knew that this would be a good fit.  We made the drive from Waterville to Camden once a week all winter.  We quickly noticed a difference in her physical and mental state, she was thrilled to swim – and loved Kate.  An unexpected benefit for us was how it made us feel – knowing how much she loved this, it was a truly a pleasure.  I would recommend this to anyone that thinks their dog may benefit from water therapy – and, it will make you feel better knowing that you are helping your “best friend”.  I have told many of my family & friends that if the roles were reversed, “she would do it for me”.  Thanks Kate, you made a huge difference in Lily’s life!”

Dave & Kathleen

“My yellow lab, Harry, who is thirteen started swimming at watermark wellness last March.i don’t know who enjoys it more me or him.Kate is a delight to work with.  She is very kind and gentle with my geriatric giant.  Harry loves her and is so energized after his swim. I cannot say enough about our experience and the exercise has made a huge difference for Harry’s battle with arthritis. I just wished we lived closer so we could go more often. Thank you, Kate”

Megan and David and Harry

“WBW was a game changer for our geriatric Lab.  She loved to see her “Swim Coach” and hated to leave when each session ended.  I’m not sure who had more fun…….Penny or Kate?”

“My dog Diesel is a seasonal swimmer at WaterBark and he loves his swims with Kate! You can see the passion Kate has for each one of her clients every time you and your furry family member go for a session! We are so lucky to have Kate!”

Kristin & Diesel


Location: 4 Commercial St, Rockport, ME

Mail: P.O. Box 55, Rockport, ME 04856